Affecto has published it’s annual report for 2015. Looking back at 2015, CEO Juko Hakala writes:

The value of information and analytics is increasing, especially when applied in the right time & place. Over the past three decades, Affecto has proven its position in this space: We are a brand name for analytics, whether that is business intelligence, enterprise information management or data warehouses.

During 2015, we’ve built on this strength, leading essential engagements at our customers in our core fields: enterprise information management, business process applications, custom software and location solutions. We’ve also established a new growth area in analytics as-a-managed service as well as prototyped our strategic initiatives.

Looking into 2016, we’ve got our work cut out for ourselves. Demand for our core is active, we’re starting the year with a slightly increased backlog and our evolution continues with passion!


In 2015 we set a target of entering a new market of business technology solutions. By this we meant, technology within our customers’ core business operations, products and end-customer interface.

We’ve done well in this respect. Our customer base has evolved to include e.g. CMOs in B2C industries and business line leaders in industrial companies. As we have equipped our people for a deeper industry specific business technology dialogue, our brand has landed in this new market. We are now even more relevant in the eyes of a business decision maker.

Under two customer value-driven initiatives launched in 2015— Industrial and B2C—we are building growth capabilities for these industries. For example in B2C, consumer 360 enablement for holistic offline-to-online consumer experience and increased customer lifetime value. A good industrial example is using soft sensors to replace physical sensors in manufacturing to prevent downtime and decrease risk of failure. We have delivered over 20 prototypes in these areas to our customers during H2 in 2015.

By mastering these new skills and new areas we have become an industry player that bridges both the physical and the digital worlds. We are now where the action is: on the street or at the store level, in the vehicle, or on the machine shop floor.

To read the whole Annual Report, download it now:

Annual Report 2015 in English
Annual Report 2015 in English (pdf)

Annual Report 2015 in Finnish
Annual Report 2015 in Finnish (pdf)