For data to become information that truly creates value, it must be understood and acted on. To unlock the potential of information, organizations and society needs modern Business Intelligence and Analytics tools that are easy to use, accessible to everyone, and simple to integrate with existing systems. Tableau Software is a leader in visual analytics software, helping people see and understand their data.

During the past few years, customers have shared their excitement for Tableau. As a powerful and inspiring self-service data analysis tool, Tableau turns the opportunities that can be achieved from data into reality. Democratizing data allows people to think and act quickly, bringing transparency and agility to fact-based decision making.

Tableau has made it their mission to help people see and understand their data. In a world where the data volume grows exponentially, we are in great need of tools like this – enabling ordinary business people to transform the way they work with data to solve problems while making data analysis fast, easy, beautiful and useful.

“This is a mission that Affecto fully supports, and we are happy to share the excitement with our many customers as the potential of data opens up before their eyes,” says Håvard Ellefsen, Managing Director, Scandinavia & Partners.

Affecto has been awarded Tableau Gold Partner Status beginning  in 2016, underlining Affecto’s capability to deliver modern Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions and methods for the future.

“Our partner network is very important to us and we are pleased to welcome Affecto as our first partner with Gold Partner Status in Finland,” tells Paul Greenspan, Director Channel Operations, EMEA.

Like Tableau, Affecto understands the positive impact that can be made when data is able to be easily seen and understood by people, across roles and industries.

“Easy-to-use data analytics tools like Tableau brings power to the people within companies, helping them to drive their organizations forward. We are determined to unlock the power of data analytics and to create success stories with all types of organizations.” Håvard Ellefsen sums

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