With the new master data system Ruukki is able to manage customer information on a centralised basis. The new solution implemented by Affecto has considerably reduced the time required for creating customers.

An international Group with over 9,000 employees and a presence in more than 30 countries, Ruukki specialises in energy-efficient steel solutions. The company has long traditions in master data management systems, having itself built its first MDM system already in 2000. Now, instead of creating a second-generation in-house system, a decision was made to build the new system using Informatica’s products. Affecto was selected to implement the solution because of its experience and genuine commitment to Ruukki’s goals.

Already deployed, the system is used by Ruukki to manage customer and supplier information on a centralised basis. As it stands, the system contains over 800,000 customer and supplier master records. The customer data is produced with seven different types of messages to a total of 12 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems as well as the data warehouse.

A unique feature offered by the system is real-time conversion of the information required for integration between ERP systems and the customers’ and suppliers’ systems. To date, the previous and new system have generated over 70 million key conversions for the messages.

Different business operations and organisational levels have different customer classification needs. The system provides standardised classification of data to ERP, CRM and business intelligence solutions ensuring transparency of business throughout the Group.

“We also use the system to manage the corporate and Group structures. It’s important in that the higher up you go in the organisation, the more concise reporting is required. The top management looks at the Group as a whole,” explains Mr Esa Pallaspuro, Ruukki’s Solutions Architect.

Added efficiency and punctuality

The new system was expected to halve the time required for managing core data and to improve its quality. “As it is, we’ve already achieved 70 per cent of the goal to halve the time needed for creating customers. The final stage at which the full effect of the project is felt was introduced in the beginning of March. It’s a guided solution for requesting creation of customers and suppliers in the system and making changes,” says Pallaspuro. Thanks to the guided form, all the requests are received and reviewed in a standard format. As there are 200 to 400 people submitting requests to the system, the efficiency offered by the form is only highlighted.