DINA has been a customer of Affecto starting from 2010 when they decided to use TIA as a platform for their non-life insurance services. In 2012 DINA Försäkringar started to use TIA Core Insurance Application v6.2 in live environment as a main software for daily operations within Sales, Products, Claim management, Billing & Accounting. All these years Affecto, as Implementation partner was also responsible for daily system maintenance and improvements.

DINA Försäkringar is the Swedish Insurance company trademark for 13 insurance companies with 50 locations across Sweden, providing non-life insurance services and products. DINA is the sixth largest insurance company in Sweden and has operated since 1768. It has received the most satisfied customer award for 7 years in a row according to the Swedish Quality Index (SKI) annual survey of the insurance industry.

About the project

Back in 2014 Q4 it was decided to launch a project for TIA Core insurance application upgrade as a part of company strategy to  actualize competitive benefits through improvements and performance development  in IT area. During the project, extensive review of TIA v6.2 installation was performed and differences for upgrading to TIA v6.4 identified. This was performed using a proven Affecto framework of TIA Upgrade Factory that has allowed other customers to smoothly upgrade with minimal impact on their daily business operations.

Having in mind that DINA is using web portal based Sales channel and supports a large number of concurrent users at peak hours, extra care and quality management had to be taken into account while re-envisioning and redesigning certain functional areas. Needless to say, that thorough, diligent testing process had to be in place in order to verify the changes which TIA v6.4 brought – nearly half of the project time were dedicated for the new system verification and defect handling, so that the risk during the go-live date would be as minimal as possible. Majority of testing effort was spent on business critical areas with highest impact. All in all that brought the needed result, thus letting the smooth and fuss-less daily operation transfer between the two TIA versions.

Benefits / value gained

With TIA v6.4 DINA gained opportunity to utilize advanced Product Structure with Product Variants thus letting to reduce time to market for more personalized personal products. With improvements in Accounting within GL and Payment modules more flexible scenarios could be utilized. And last but not least – Performance improvements for routine jobs, thus allowing to have more tasks done within the given time-frame. As an additional benefit DINA was now eligible for the upgrade to TIA 7.4 version as envisioned in the TIA upgrade path.