The Laanilan Voima power plant, located in the Kemira industrial park in Oulu, generates heat and power for its owners. The station’s energy invoicing is based on various sources, meter data and calculations. Gathering the invoicing data is a multi-stage process.

As part of the Pohjolan Voima Group, Laanilan Voima was introduced to Pohjolan Voima’s energy invoicing solution and saw an opportunity to improve its own invoicing process using Affecto’s ELA application.

The source systems and a detailed description of the invoicing process play an important role in gathering invoicing data.” A visual image was created of the invoicing process, which helped us to see the big picture and track the source data. So many issues are interlinked,” says Petteri Elo, Project Manager at Affecto. The project focused on process description, which resulted in the successful and clear computation and sharing of data. The final result was just what Laanilan Voima was hoping for, despite the project running over schedule at times. “The overall quality of Laanilan Voima’s invoice process improved, with much shorter lead time,” comments Pekka Törmänen, Managing Director of Laanilan Voima.


Laanilan Voima has identified the following benefits of the faster invoicing process since adopting the ELA application:

  • Less time taken for invoicing
  • Lower dependency on human input
  • Fast reruns of the invoicing process are a major advantage if, say, inaccuracies are identified in the source systems
  • Invoicing quality improved, the error-rate fell
  • Invoice audit trail and data historicisation improved
  • Invoicing became easier

Laanilan Voima has further items on its wish-list, despite the benefits already gained from the ELA application. This includes automated reporting on invoicing, which also features in Affecto’s development plans for the ELA application.  Affecto is developing and scaling up the ELA application for energy production companies, in order to streamline their invoicing processes as much as possible.