IC Group harnesses the powers of Alteryx software with innovative data blending and analytics. Targeting consumers with more relevant material and a deeper understanding of the value of consumer service are among the benefits. Affecto seminar got IC Group started with Alteryx

The world of Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics is changing. New software tools with unprecedented self-service capabilities put BI and analytics tools directly in the hands of business users, significantly reducing dependency of the IT department and specialized BI teams.
One stellar example is how IC Group – a leading premium apparel company – uses Alteryx data preparation, blending and analytics software to leverage data from multiple sources to gain consumer insight and drive sales with an innovative, unconstrained approach.
Think optimizing inventory on display in each store based on local weather forecasts, or automated analysis of multi-language, multi-channel customer interactions and you have an idea how IC Group is on the fast track to Advanced Analytics with Alteryx.


Says Robert Peers, process automation consultant at IC Group who previously worked as consumer insights analyst:
“By enriching the data in our email marketing platform with data calculated in Alteryx we are able to target more consumers with relevant material. These consumers would have been missed before and almost certainly will lead to increased sales.”
One of the areas where Alteryx has proved to be in a class of its own is ease of use, Robert Peers explains:
“Alteryx is so intuitive and easy to learn. You can build your first, basic workflow within five to ten minutes. By working faster we have definitely saved resources and money internally by not using IT developer time to create solutions.”


Robert Peers believes that the simplicity and flexibility offered by software such as Alteryx will help other businesses succeed with advanced data analytics in their efforts to generate business value from data.
“A company is not a ‘data driven company’ just because it has a lot of reports. Companies need to put tools in place to use data to something meaningful,” he says.
And that is exactly what IC Group does. Another example of the company’s innovative approach to analytics is how it uses Alteryx to pull data from a range of different systems and channels used to communicate with customers.
This enables IC Group to better understand how customer service brings tangible value to the business and how customer interactions impact sales.
“Now, we can see that consumers who contact our customer service team through any channel often go on to purchase products, and often buy more than those who don’t contact us. This has helped us identify that consumer service is not a cost center for us but instead help generate sales and consumer loyalty.


Robert Peers first discovered Alteryx at a conference abroad. He decided to download a free trial version of the software and sign up for one of Affecto’s Alteryx seminar.
“Affecto’s seminar gave me a hands-on demo with use cases and examples with real data. It was very inspirational and a great way of doing it because it makes the software much more relevant,” he says.
With Alteryx, IC Group can also pull the local weather forecast for each location with an IC Group store and combine it with other information about the store and its inventory. The resulting report can be made available to the local store manager, thus offering the manager the option of optimizing inventory on display according to the local weather for the next few days.
“It is about looking forward instead of looking back. There is not much point in having summer wear on window display with great offers if the weather is going to be cold and rainy,” Robert Peers points out.


For IC Group it is an ongoing process to explore Alteryx, try out new approaches and unleash its full potential – one step at a time.
“As is the case with most companies, we need be to more agile, gain more consumer insight and use that insight faster and in better ways. With Alteryx, we can easily explore many different opportunities.”
Put another way, Alteryx relieves the company’s IT department so it is no longer a bottleneck. It makes it a breeze for organizations to experiment and find out how best to use data analytics to improve business:
“We can do things on an experimental basis so fast we don’t even need to build a business case first. We can just build it and see if it works or if it fails.”


  • Alteryx software solution for self-service data preparation, blending and analytics
  • Affecto introduction course to Alteryx


  • Workflows with real results in record time
  • IT no longer a bottleneck
  • Seamless integration of multiple sources and web services
  • Easy to get started with Affecto seminar incl. hands-on demo, use cases and examples with real data
  • Intuitive and easy to learn
  • Powerful features without being intimidating