E.ON Nordic appreciates Affecto’s impartial approach that helped them to create a comprehensive strategy for managing Business Intelligence and maximising value and benefits. It has improved efficiency in BI processes.

Working together with Affecto, E.ON Nordic has developed a comprehensive strategy for managing Business Intelligence and combining the current efforts with the methods being employed. The objective was to create favourable conditions for efficient Business Intelligence within the organisation and so maximise the benefit to be gained from the investments made in this area.

A couple of years ago, two major parallel initiatives were launched by the company to enhance decision support systems within the organisation. One of the projects is to deliver an IT-driven system with an extensive underlying data warehouse solution including related services. The other initiative foresees a more hands-on development of solutions and support. E.ON Nordic is engaged in efforts to create a shared strategy based on a common objective to generate synergy benefits, add value and make full use of the investments being made.

“We’re focused on introducing a highly stable platform for monitoring, reporting and analysis with the need for usercentric BI addressed in other ways,” says Mattias Mörstam, responsible for BI at E.ON IT Nordic.

The brief to develop a shared BI strategy included the following tasks:

  • Define the overall objectives for BI
  • Create a unified vision of BI for E.ON Nordic
  • Clarify how the work in the field of decision support should be directed and priorities managed
  • Identify the requirements and preconditions for framing the BI organisation and processes
  • Create guidelines for architecture, tools and information processing
  • Define how the work is coordinated relative to adjoining areas, such as management of data quality and master data in a broader context.

Affecto directed and coordinated the work to devise the BI strategy through workshops, meetings and interviews with interested parties representing the various fields of activity. The goal was to identify the overall needs and business objectives with regard to decision support and coordinate IT and business activities with the aim of maximising value and benefits. Regular meetings of the steering group attended by Affecto give pointers to improving efficiency in BI processes.

“Creating a shared vision of the objectives, financing, architecture, processes and organisation related to decision support has been – and continues to be – of great importance to us. Currently we’re setting up a business intelligence competence centre (BICC) to attend to all issues that have to do with decision support,” says Mattias.

Enhancing the efficiency of the actual BI processes boosts productivity beyond the benefits and business value achieved with the BI solutions alone.

“We have large amounts of information and data that we’ve not been able to utilise to the full extent. One of the outcomes of improved management of inhouse decision support is that we’re able to make better use of what we already have,” Mattias continues.

More efficient use of the qualityassured information already available means, in turn, that there is more potential in place for the utilisation of BI throughout the entire organisation.

E.ON Nordic values Affecto’s impartial approach that helped them to attain a shared vision of BI and stake out the path for the further development of the organisation’s decision support systems.

“We’ve had excellent communications and fruitful dialogue with Affecto throughout the process”, Mattias concludes with satisfaction.