Jyske Bank improves productivity and cuts cost with Informatica data warehousing solution from Affecto. As a result, Jyske Bank has improved its efficiency and is able to respond faster to regulatory and market change.

In today’s climate, banks need instant access to all their data in order to cope with ever-tougher competition and regulation. This puts pressure on IT staff who must ensure that data is readily available, accurate and consistent. Building and maintaining a data warehouse can be expensive and timeconsuming. However, by finding the right software – and the right partner to implement it – IT teams can significantly reduce cost and complexity. Jyske Bank, Denmark’s second largest independent bank, knew that it needed a centralised, enterprise-wide data warehouse to make the most of its data and stay competitive. The bank already used data warehousing tools to collate and structure its missioncritical data, but the existing solution was fragmented, as each department operated its own separate system. What’s more, the bank’s IT staff relied on complex manual processes to build and maintain data sets.

As well as being inefficient, this led to overdependence on individual IT employees and often constituted a bottleneck for front-end Business Intelligence applications. Following extensive market research, Jyske Bank’s IT team chose Affecto ahead of two competitors to implement Enterprise Data Warehousing software from Informatica. Using the software, the IT team would be able to build a true enterprise data warehouse fast and efficiently, allowing Jyske Bank to harness and use all its data for competitive advantage.

“We quickly saw that Informatica software offered us the most advanced data warehousing tools available on the market, and we had complete trust in Affecto’s technical expertise and experience with the product. As far as we were concerned, there was no contest”, says Henrik Obling, line manager, IT Development, Jyske Bank.

75% saved on implementation time

By drawing on Affecto’s expertise, Jyske Bank’s IT team avoided the need for consulting complicated manuals or attending lengthy training courses. In this way the bank saved time and reduced its cost. According to Henrik Obling, it would have taken at least one month for the bank to install the software without assistance from Affecto. ”Affecto implemented our Informatica data warehousing solution about four times faster than we would have been able to in-house. This saved us money and allowed us to start benefiting from our new software much sooner”, says Henrik Obling.

Furthermore, Affecto’s consultants combine years of experience from implementing data warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions with in-depth knowledge of business. Thus, working with Jyske Bank, Affecto brought not only great technical expertise, but a comprehensive understanding of the banking industry, which allowed it to tailor the Informatica solution to the bank’s specific needs. This helped to ensure a fast and successful implementation.

IT personnel work four times faster

The Informatica software lets Jyske Bank’s IT team work faster, because it automates many of the data warehousing processes that IT staff carried out manually in the past. And all processes are highly transparent, which allows IT employees to collaborate more efficiently on building or maintaining aspect of the data warehouse, as opposed to previously when nontransparent processes left the IT team dependent on certain members of staff to perform specific tasks. This gives the team extra time to carry out even more strategic development work for the benefit of Jyske Bank.

Data warehousing bottlenecks eliminated

Data warehousing no longer constitutes a bottleneck for front-end operations at Jyske Bank. On the contrary, the Informatica solution implemented by Affecto has prepared the ground for extensive Business Intelligence applications as Jyske Bank strives to get the most from its mission-critical data. Now, the IT team can make all of the bank’s data available whenever and wherever the business requires it. As a result, Jyske Bank has gained enhanced visibility across the organisation, improved its efficiency and competitiveness and is able to respond faster to regulatory and market change.

Affecto and the Jyske Bank solution

Affecto’s consultants implemented the solution within the equivalent of one week, working outside normal office hours to avoid any disruption to Jyske Bank’s business. During implementation, Affecto worked alongside, and transferred knowledge to, the in-house IT team.