The Ministry of Finance wanted to optimize their budgeting software.

“We used to have two separate systems, one for the budgetary estimates and another for the central government spending limits,” Jonna Berghäll, Ministerial Adviser of the Ministry of Finance, says. “In addition, we used a lot of Excel sheets.” The new system, Buketti, was launched in December 2011. It combines together all the systems required in the budgeting process.

New system saves time

Affecto’s Buketti has been in active use in Finnish ministries for four years now. It has made communication between the ministries more efficient, since important documents can be downloaded to Buketti, instead of sending them via email. “All the ministries have their own Buketti users, and an administrator, who is responsible for coordinating the process,” Jonna Berghäll explains. “And then we have a super administrator here at the Budget Department.”

The new system has received positive reviews from its users. “Many have said that the software is fairly intuitive to use,” Jonna Berghäll says. “Some of the more specific functions may require consultation from the manual, but the basic functions are not that difficult to master.”

Managing data takes less time, and the possibility of human error is minimized, since the whole process is carried out online. “Buketti collects all the data in one system, so it is much easier to make use of historical data, for example,” Jonna Berghäll says. “The data is transferred directly to an electronic archive, so there is no need to print it out a hard copy and take it to an archive. The amount of printouts, emails and Excel sheets has decreased significantly.”

Both partners on the same page

Buketti was tailored to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Finance. When planning a project like this, it is necessary to articulate your needs well. “It is important to concentrate on the problem-defining process, and think carefully of what you actually need, instead of just making assumptions,” Jonna Berghäll points out. “Both parties should be on the same page of how the project will be executed.”

In the end, the key to success is an efficient partner, who listens to their customers concerns, and understands their specific needs. “A good partner is flexible and ready to make compromises. They work fast, and do not spend unnecessary time on bureaucracy and paperwork,” Jonna Berghäll says.

A reliable partner will make sure that the system functions well, even after the initial launch. “Whenever there have been problems, Affecto has been there to help, even on short notice,” Jonna Berghäll concludes.

The Ministry of Finance (FM) is a part of the Government. The Ministry prepares the Government’s economic and financial policy as well as the Budget and acts as a tax policy expert. It is also responsible for preparing the financial market policy, the state’s employer and personnel policy and developing public administration. In addition, the Ministry of Finance is responsible for developing the local government legislation as well as local government finances. The Ministry participates in the activities of the European Union as well as several international organizations and financial institutions.