Offering better and more targeted information to public decision makers.

Affecto has delivered Business Objects products for KMD. With the new data tools, KMD’s management consultants are able to assist public decision makers by offering better and more targeted information.


A new public landscape

KMD is the main provider of IT services to the Danish local authorities and to thousands of Danish companies. The core business is solutions for the local-authority market, and KMD is the market leading competence centre in e-government in Denmark. The solutions provided by KMD enable public sector employees to handle current legislation as efficiently as possible.

2007 will be characterized by the most significant consolidation ever of the local authority market in Denmark. The current 271 municipalities are transforming into 98 larger units. This puts pressure on the local authorities to prioritize budgets and resources in order to reap the benefits of the structural reforms.

In order to support decision making in the municipalities, KMD has developed the management information system: Essentia. The solution is essentially a data warehouse, based on Business Objects Professional, IBM DB2 and SAP BW with connectors into KMD’s numerous administrative applications for local authority. In the increasingly complex IT infrastructure, the facilities offered by Business Objects are playing an even more important role for local authorities in day-to-day decision making.


Good decisions require good information Essentia is a business intelligence solution, compiling data and information from KMD’s various SAP-based systems, including economy, individual data and all the other systems supporting the day-to- day business of local authorities. The key to success for KMD is the powerful and intuitive facilities that are available in Business Objects Professional.

“Business Objects is far ahead of the competition in terms of user friendliness. The business intelligence tools provided by Business Objects are extremely powerful, yet easy to use. Particularly, the semantic abilities of Business Objects, making it possible to ‘translate’ data into useful business information make Business Objects stand out among the rest”, says Ole Møller Madsen, KMD.

KMD Essentia is used by 140 municipalities and thousands of users with different needs. Business Objects Professional is providing the flexibility to accommodate all the specific needs, within the large scalable system. The combination of flexibility and scalability is making Essentia both a good business for KMD, while at the same time, it is also securing a high level of service for the customers.

Local Authorities store their data with KMD, who is running a data warehouse on the data. With Essentia, KMD is able to offer customers their own virtual data warehouse with the ability to drill down in their own local data, without the hassle of local maintenance. Customers can access Essentia in a number of different ways, depending on their individual needs, skills and authorizations:

  • Mail users will receive a predefined report via e-mail. This is perfect for users with limited and predefined information needs. From a management point of view this gives great control of information, while at the same time maintaining high level of information in the organization.
  • Web users and super users have access to smaller or larger predefined dataset within which any number of reports can be created. Typically, this is for the more advanced user with a higher level of authority and broader expertise.

The typical mail user, for example, gets a monthly report with key figures from a local kindergarten. The typical web or super user will access the data directly to compile reports reports for management in a given business unit, e.g. social services.

One of the concrete results of KMD’s business intelligence activities is significant savings, e.g. in the area of unemployment benefits. Systematic and targeted follow-up on payment is only possible with the information made available via Essentia.


Business Objects Integration Kit for SAP

KMD is continuing the implementation of SAP and Business Objects XI, which is paving the way for true Enterprise Business Intelligence. KMD has implemented the Business Objects Integration Kit for SAP, which is supporting solutions for joint SAP and Business Objects customers. It includes a set of data drivers, integrated security, report templates, and custom user interfaces that enable even more individualized solutions and information for KMD’s customers.

With the new tools, KMD’s management consultants are able to assist public decision makers by offering better and more targeted information. Instead of reactive reporting, it is becoming possible to proactively identify, for example, the 10 key measuring points for a manager of social services. With the Enterprise Data Warehouse, based on Business Objects XI and Business Objects Integration Kit for SAP, KMD will be able to offer completely transparent access to data, regardless of the user’s entry point.

“As we are making our technological transition to SAP, it is essential that we continuously make sure to protect the investments of our customers. With Business Objects XI and the Business Objects Integration Kit, the customers can continue to access data in their preferred way. This makes for a healthy economy and minimal disruptions to business”, says Ole Møller Madsen, KMD.

Affecto and the KMD Solution

Affecto’s partnership with KMD began in 2001, when KMD selected Affecto to deliver and implement its Business Objects products. Through the years, Affecto has played various consultancy roles in the deployment of Business Objects’s solutions, such as:

  • Development and implementation of Business Objects’s universes and reports within the Essentia Data Warehouse solution, which is used by 140 municipalities and thousands of users in Denmark. *
  • Advice on data models and development and implementation of Business Objects’s universes and reports in the KMD solution geared to the children and youth market.
  • Implementation of standard formats and layouts of Business Objects’s reports in web-environments.
  • Numerous other consultancy projects during the continuing development of Business Objects.

KMD is pleased with the collaboration and emphasizes the technical skills that Affecto possesses and brings to the partnership.

“Affecto has been a long-term partner and therefore has good knowledge of our organization’s requirements. It is also important for us that Affecto offers local support.”

Ole Møller Madsen, KMD