In renewing its management reporting system in Finland, the main objective of the beverage manufacturer Sinebrychoff was to acquire an everyday tool that is easy to understand and use. Affecto's reporting solution was chosen.



The changing and increasingly concentrated beverage industry markets increase the management’s need for information. “We aim to have all the essential data for managing the company and enterprise resource planning easily accessible in one place”, specifies Business Controller Juha Helminen.

Selecting Affecto as a partner in the system renewal process was easy: Sinebrychoff and Affecto were already working efficiently together.

“People at Affecto knew our systems and from where to start. They informed us about the system capabilities, how things should be presented and done. On the other hand, we have had in-house discussions on what should be included in the tool. The process has worked well”, Helminen continues.


Sinebrychoff selected Affecto as the supplier of the new solution. Business Objects Dashboard was selected as the reporting tool due to its easy-to-use browser-based interface.

The tool was built in such a way that essential measurements and specifying reports could be displayed on one screen. When figures and reports are as uniform as possible for all, key persons will have a common language. In addition to certain basic measurements, the Business Intelligence tool contains relevant figures for each user group, such as sales and marketing.

The tool is continuously being developed at Sinebrychoff. Elements are added little by little. “Creating a functioning system is like building with blocks, the foundation must be good. It will be easy to expand later”, Helminen states.

Customer benefits

The new reporting tool will improve the cooperation between the different organisations in Sinebrychoff. The Business Intelligence tool aims to have the sales person and the marketing person speak the same language and talk about the same figures. According to Juha Helminen, cooperation within the organisation is already very good. It has been a good starting point and one of Sinebrychoff’s greatest success factors.

According to Helminen, the reporting tool is a means for developing people and organisations as well as for enterprise resource planning. Reading reports is not the main issue, but the fact that colleagues speak about the same things. The key persons at Sinebrychoff, including the top management, are using the system.