We Affectones live in a network of 18 offices, working together to accelerate our customers' business. We might work together in the projects where we don't actually meet the colleagues face to face due to the geographical distance. Even if in the same office, the project life might be so hectic that we just forget to stop and think how talented, fun and helpful people surround us. We found a simple solution to fix this. We call it Positiving.

When was the last time you praised your colleague? When was the last time someone gave compliments to you? Yes, getting praises from our workmates always brings out a smile. It makes us feel warm, happy and encourages us towards excellent performance again and again. Not to think about giving positive feedback – it really cheers one up! (If you don’t believe this, try it out right away you stop reading this post.)

Great in customer service and so precise!
Veteran, who is always willing to help! 🙂
Building even better Affecto, one piece at a time.

We wanted to add one extra channel in addition to face to face meets and company internal collaboration tools for thanking, praising and giving positive comments to our mates. We built Positiving, an open-source program, for all of this.

Positive, bright spot in our working day! Hilarious sense of humor and amazing attitude.
Best boss ever…
You do what you have promised. Great to work with you!

We have been using Positiving in Finland for a month now, and it has already accumulated almost 600 entries. It means 20 nice things written down every day!

The idea was originally born in early 2015. The first version of the program was launched then and used in #affectotorni, the kick off for 2015 in Finland. After the event the program was slowly forgotten. Until! In the beginning of 2016 we remembered how much joy and positive feelings it had brought to us. It was time to revitalize the idea! We decided to create a new version of the software. Team of a few volunteers with the knowledge about Mongo DB, Angular2, AD integraiton and other .net related stuff gathered together for a few nights to get it all together. After a few test rounds and about a month later, the Positiving was launched.

Workmate, who creates good and relaxed atmosphere around him.
Hardcore Infa-specialist.
Always has time to help, in addition he produces genius approaches to not only technical but also human related matters.

The idea of the Positiving applicaiton is pretty simple. You get a grid of your colleagues with a photo. You find out the person you want (search by name, location etc.) to thank and write down a few lines. It’s simple, but the affect to our mood is significant.

Screen shot of Positiving tool

Our goal is not only to bring happiness and joy into this world, but also to support the personal and professional growth through positive encouragements. Affecto is built on who we are as individuals, and create the great mosaic of expertise, attitude and character. We want to bring that out! We have the best colleagues, ever, and are proud to tell it to each other. Comments in this text are just few a samples of praises, acknowledgements and thank yous given to Affectones in the last few weeks.

Jumped right into a challenging project manager role and succeeded brilliantly.
Always seeing the bright side!
Proactive approach to challenges. Rock on! 🙂
I would buy even a used car from you!

We are on a hunt for more colleagues we can praise. Check out our open positions to join our family to get inspiring feedback. Or just leave your details below, and we will get in touch!

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