My name is Marcus Blom and I am a Marketing Manager. No day is really the same in Marketing at Affecto, which is something I really like.

One day might be about marketing strategy. The next might be about managing a large event. The next might be about analyzing marketing analytics data. The next? Maybe designing a multichannel digital campaign or completely redesigning our website. Coming from the startup community as an entrepreneur, I really feel like home with the multitude of challenges.

The fact that Affecto has so many competent individuals is really exciting on both a personal and a professional level. The technical geek in me really gets excited when I hear that someone  for fun put sensors on a small steam engine to predict operational lifetime, maintenance needs etc. The marketing geek in my gets really excited about what we are doing with for instance video analytics. The possibilities in for instance Retail is mind-boggling.

Coming from the startup community, I had my reservations when it came to joining a large company such as Affecto. I do my best work being on my toes, when I am able to make or to get decisions quickly. This is not what you would normally expect from a large company such as Affecto but I am happy to say that my preconceived notion was wrong in this case. Combine this with exciting technologies, inspiring colleagues and wide variety of customer and you have an amazing place to be.