We are constantly on a hunt for highly skilled professionals around Nordic and Baltics.

Because of the continuously growing interest from the customers, we are seeking now especially for visual analytics consultants (buzzwords: Tableau, Qlikview, Microsoft BI and Cognos BI) as well as software specialists (keywords: Java, C++, DevOps, NoSQL, Spring, Scala, Clojure). If you are an industry expert of a certain business area, like Financial Services or Retail, we do have a room for you as well.

Last year we were thrilled to have around 150 new Affectones to join our offices. While writing this, we have more than 30 positions open, so our aim is to have many, many new colleagues this year as well. But what does it take for you to become one of the Affectones? There are a few ways to join our family.

Affectones – or at least some of them!

Apply for an open position

This is quite self-evident. 😉 If you find a suitable position, apply for it. With your application, bring out your personality, tell us who you are and what gets you excited! We appreciate, of course, the right skillset. We have a versatile group of customers that have different kinds of problems – that’s why we look after for specialists who can adapt. Networking skills are a must, as you will be working with our customers and highly skilled professionals across Nordics and Baltics.

With the more tech roles, we might ask you to code something. If you are a designer, we are interested in your portfolio. In the industry expert role we value your insight over the business. Bring out the best in you!

We also appreciate the growth mindset, so if you find a position that is on your dream track but you are not quite there yet, bring that out in your application. With our support, you will be able to grow to the requirements of the position.

Affecto trainees Eero, Heidi and Vitali at Helsinki office.

Connect with us

We hire a talent when we find one, even if a formal open position related to the role is not published on our website. We use our networks to find the people, so it’s also easy to find us! We are attending to local recruitment events. Early 2016 you will meet us for example at Contact Forum (Helsinki) and ACC Event (Aarhus). As consultants, we are always seeking for new ways to help our customers. This means we are attending to many business events and trainings, as well as organizing our own. Come and say hi! We might have some mutual interests to discuss about, and those chats might lead to a future together.

Of course, you can connect with us via our social media channels. Pssst… To get a glance on our everyday working life, check out the hashtag #WeAreAffecto at Twitter and Instagram.

You can also leave a link to your LinkedIn profile (go to the bottom of this post). We will get back to you, if a matching position is available.

Retail value architect Niina at Affecto Forum, one of our own events.

Become our partner

Have your own business, want to stay as an entrepreneur but want to be a part of our network? Then you can think about becoming one of our partners. We are seeking for agile partners in the emerging technology areas, for example augmented reality or video analytics.

Are you ready to join Affecto family?

Hope that you found this post helpful! If questions pop into your mind, tweet us!

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