My name is Darius Bulbukas. I work as a senior consultant at Lithuania office.

Started as a developer in 2008, I have gained enough experience, trust and confidence to be able to lead and manage teams, teach and grow youngsters, consult and help customers and partners on implementation of modern insurance systems — both virtually and onsite.

The most exciting thing working at Affecto is, that it is more than just a job for me. I love the people I work with, I love what we accomplish together and how we do that, and I love that I can work with big international companies — and I mean really big and really international 🙂

I really like my colleagues at Affecto. Not only are they talented and passionate, open-minded, challenge ready, but they know how to work hard (and smart) and, most importantly, know how to have fun while doing that. We are quite different here, but at the same time we’re like a big close family – including the managers.

When thinking about new tech and ways of working, I see that we are becoming more and more agile not just in the project management or delivery, but we are also transforming as a company. Whatever new trend is coming up, we are ready to react to it — be it mobile apps, Internet of Things or any new one, which we don’t even know about today…

Are you searching for the meaning in what you do?.. You like when there are talented and friendly people around you, always ready to give you a hand?.. You want to feel the excitement when you’ve just done something that seemed to be impossible, and feel that more than once?.. If yes – you have just found the place.