Medicine logistics

Marela is a pharmaceutical supply and material management solution to improve hospitals’ and municipalities’ operations.

Laws and regulations governing the supply and logistics of medicine are constantly evolving. Reliable and simple work practices and patient safety are key factors in medicine logistics.

Marela is an end-to-end solution for hospitals’ and municipalities’ material management and medicine logistics. We have designed the modern, browser-based solution together with leading experts in the field. Marela offers its users modern tools for controlling pharmaceutical manufacturing, sourcing, warehousing, departmental orders and distribution.

Marela covers the entire materials management and pharmaceutical supply chain:

  • All the stages of a tendering process
  • Purchase order processing and invoice verification
  • Warehouse management
  • Departmental orders, delivery and distribution
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and laboratory activities
  • Cytostatic activities
  • Maintenance of basic registries
  • System management
  • Contacts to eg. drug delivery devices, external data sources, patient administration and financial management systems as well as warehouse and department automation

The solution takes into account in addition to the individual hospitals’ and hospital districts’ needs the needs of municipalities needs and joint authorities. The operation is largely automated. Automated data checks and up-to-date and accurate monitoring data with required reports for authorities enable efficient operations and minimizing costs.

Our strong market position and long-standing industry expertise ensure the ongoing development of a state-of-the-art medicine logistics solution.