Insurance end-to-end

Today digital sophistication is an entry-level requirement for financial services organizations. In fact, it’s one of the key elements of a business development strategy.

Insurance companies need to match the expectations of their customer base, which have been shaped by digital innovation. The alternative is that they will increasingly lose market share to those capable of harnessing the insight, product innovation, and service benefits empowered by digital sophistication.

Legacy systems are the biggest operational hurdle for most insurers worldwide. For decades now, organizations have felt trapped by their legacy systems, even as they add more complexity, bolt on new features and make further investments in sticking-plaster fixes. As a result, most of the legacy systems fail to cope with the tough competition of the digital world.

Legacy system decommissioning has always been a key focus of Affecto’s insurance solutions.

We are partnering with a number of leading core insurance platforms providers and delivering implementation services all over the globe.

Additionally, we accommodate an entire ecosystem of in-house solutions to fast track your business development in the digital age. Considering your business imperatives, priorities, complexities, timeline and funds limitation Affecto will deliver you a tailored solution to amplify your competitive advantage.