Energy pricing and invoicing

Battery is an advanced analytical solution, which allows energy companies to bring their performance and profitability to the next level.

By turning the actual hourly based energy measurement data into valuable business information, energy companies can use advanced analytics in unforeseen ways in developing their business.

Measurement data can be associated with customers, contracts and delivery sites and the information can be easily shared and utilized across the company.

Battery gives you an instant access to delivered energy, corresponding revenue and customer and product profitability. Revenue recognition is based on actual deliveries. Visibility and audit trail for the meter-to-cash process is available for each contract.

Real-time information on contracts and customers enables proactivity, provides accurate profile and load information for product management and pricing. Sales portfolios’ energies and revenue can be integrated with trading costs to gain instant visibility into portfolio profitability and reduce the risks associated with the trading costs.

Using the standard Battery interfaces, customers can instantly integrate the solution with their metering data management and customer information systems. Battery’s modular architecture enables customers to extend the solution to cover additional business areas.

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