Industry-specific and enterprise software solutions

Affecto’s industry and function specific solutions improve the efficiency of operations, and simplify processes. All solutions are created with a deep understanding of the industry and our customers’ specific needs. System development is done in close co-operation with central organisations and experts in the sector. Thanks to this approach, the deployment of the solutions is quick and the customer sees the operational benefits very quickly.

We have attained our strong market position by combining a deep understanding of the sector with our multi-decade long IT expertise. We are the market leader in eg. pharmaceutical logistics, comprehensive labour union and unemployment fund systems and port logistics systems.

Our enterprise software solutions are based on leading enterprise technologies that best apply to our customer’s information technology architecture. We work in partnership with the world’s leading technology vendors such as IBM, Informatica, Microsoft, Oracle, QlikView, Tableau, and SAP.

Enterprise software

Partnering with leading software providers

We don't just sell a license: our philosophy is to ensure that our clients gain an advantage from the relationships we have built up.

Energy pricing and invoicing

Battery, an advanced analytical solution

Instant visibility and access into the performance of the energy business

Insurance end-to-end

Digital sophistication

Insurance companies need to match the expectations of their customer base

Medicine logistics

End-to-end medicine logistics solution

Improving and automating hospitals' and municipalities' operations

Custom Development

Bridging it all together

C/C++, .NET , Java, Scala, Clojure, JavaScript, HTML5, NoSQL, Spark, Hadoop, RedShift, you name it.

Location Solutions untapped business opportunity

Everything takes place somewhere. No matter what your industry is, location information can play a big role as part of your business processes or in the creation of new services.

Application Maintenance

Added value to solution investments

To unleash recurring value-add for the business, support, maintenance and development are in a key role.

CFO services

Sense business and make financial sense​

We link finance & real world and make finance more intelligence though advanced analytics, machine learning and cognitive systems.