Sensors and IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects, devices and machines that contain embedded technology in order to communicate about their internal state, or about the external world.

We’re working with this technology to generate new solutions for our clients. Harnessing these ideas, a company not only improves its competitiveness, but also increases its level of customer insight.

It’s this crucial insight that enables transformation in the customer’s world, bringing with it all of its challenges and possibilities. With the increase of customer insight, it is possible to lead a company into a new way of thinking – a way that leaves behind a closed product or service-centred world and enters one where customer challenges are truly taken into consideration. The IoT creates the perfect conditions for this transformation: with real-time data and predictability based on your customers’ own environment, optimization becomes easier to implement.

And the opportunities don’t stop there. Combining IoT with the right analytics, it’s possible to make business more predictable, and with a clearer focus on the future. We can stop looking into the past and look directly into the coming months by using real-time information sourced through IoT applications.

IoT is opening up a new kind of revolution, and Affecto is helping companies investigate it right now. We believe that the most innovative solutions can apply to both internal business optimization, as well as solutions that produce added value within your customers’ daily lives. Grasp the possibilities of IoT and start developing your response with Affecto.