Advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning are technologies for making use of vast amount of data that becomes available in a connected world. As human capacity is limited, we are no longer able to cope with ever growing size of data. Therefore statistical methods and neural networks must be used for processing the data that becomes available.

Statistical models are built for example to detect various phenomena in data, to find root causes, and to predict what will happen in the future. The human focus is turned on outcomes and exceptions – which the algorithms can also spot. As data is cumulating, the actual outcomes are fed back into the algorithm, making them even more accurate with the help of applied machine learning.

Analytic algorithms will be everywhere. They will predict failures in the production lines, serve you as virtual assistants, suggest you best shopping options, even drive your car. This enables you to focus on the essential things, while artificial intelligence handles the details behind the scene.

Affecto has a long history on making best use of data with analytics. We will model your future.