Outsourcing Services

Do you find yourself under pressure to develop high-priority deliverables, with tight schedules but inadequate or unskilled resources? It can seem like there’s always a lack of something, or too much of something else, in daily business life. And this can threaten the stability, success and development of your organization.

Focusing on core strengths is what companies need to do if they want to succeed. At Affecto, we have deep experience in taking on aspects of our clients’ services and thereby allowing them to focus on their core.

Our outsourcing service model enables you to either completely outsource your function to us, or to create a hybrid model where we manage your function and its people, constantly improving the use of analytics and technology and bringing in insight from our learnings with other customers. You will ensure benefit from always up-to-date skills, a wide selection of technologies and co-operation models.

Our outsourcing services are ready to scale, based on your needs over your solution lifecycle and changing schedules. We have a range of large customers in the Nordics and Baltics who already rely on our strong capability both in terms of supporting business performance and improving utilization of analytics and related technologies.

As leading Norther European experts in data, analytics and related technologies, our core is to focus on the use of information to improve businesses.