Service Design

End-users should love the digital services they are using. With a help of Affecto and a bit of service design thinking your organization can achieve that goal.

Every successful organization has one thing in common: they have put end-users at the center of their design and development processes. Instead of IT departments or system restrictions they let the needs and motivations of the end-users direct the digital service development.

At Affecto we want to help you to create digital and omnichannel services that people want to use and that is why our team always approaches products and services from the perspective of end-users.

Whether we are building a simple mobile application, a browser-based service or an entire omnichannel consumer journey, we always start with diving into the world of the end-user. Before a single wireframe or line of code, we make sure that we have gained authentic insights that enable our service designers to really understand the end-user and their experience with the service – both in personal and wider context. The main tool of the designer is empathy: a deep understanding of the end users’ needs, wants and hopes. Empathy is gained through user research: contextual observation and inquiry, co-creation, user persona definition, to name a few of the methods we employ.

A global and experienced team – at your service

Affecto’s international network of design-driven UI experts, developers, business advisors, value architects and project managers specialize in agile service and concept design. What differentiates us from other design-driven companies is Affecto’s long history with business analytics and enterprise information management. Combining information and insights seamlessly and effectively with design is in our very DNA.

Using our deep experience in service design and analytics, we create new customer experiences, new digital service concepts, and new digital businesses. We make sure that the users end up simply loving a new service, or a redesigned one, and therefore enjoy deeper relationships with your business.

At Affecto everything we do, whether it’s a concept presentation, prototype or the first commercial release of a service, is always relevant to the end user.