Mobile Development

Today, we can do just about everything using a smartphone. Its role has evolved worldwide to become our primary screen, and whatever sector your business operates in, the smartphone can be the entrance into services and products for millions of customers.

Successful mobile applications are the future. Quite simply, they are now often the primary way people perform complex tasks, connect to internet, and access services. That’s why Affecto has harnessed the continuous growth of the mobile economy, consolidating our long-standing mobile development expertise inside our Mobile Solutions Center.

Affecto’s Mobile Solutions Center has been set up to develop world class mobile solutions in the most efficient way for our clients, focusing mainly on native mobile applications for the two major phone platforms, Android and iOS.

But the dominance of mobile is not just reshaping customer journeys. It is rebooting the entire experience. How and when customers transact with brands throughout the lifecycle is also moving to the small screen, from research to purchase, through to service and support. Mobile is now part of the customer experience from beginning to end.

Affecto clients know that investing in mobile development just to ‘check the box’ is no longer good enough. The shift to mobile screens as the primary contact is changing customers’ behavior and expectations, while providing new business opportunities. Brands cannot risk losing relevance with connected customers — they must start taking the initiative to rethink mobile customer journeys.

The future is mobile. Embrace it with Affecto’s Mobile Solutions.