Digitalization and crowdsourcing enable the shift from citizen-centric to citizen-driven services

Behind every citizen is a person, who is used to interacting with consumer businesses. As citizens, we more and more expect the same delight, ease and effortlessness when frequenting public services, as we would when dealing with a retailer, an airline or an insurer.

Our track record in constructing public sector services is solid. Good examples of this are: Our data warehousing and reporting solution enables the City of Helsinki a real-time comprehensive outlook for operations and planning. Horsens Kommune has been able to improve job centre efficiency with our strategic management tool. The South Karelia Social and Health Care District is able to forecast and plan models for elderly care with transparent and unambiguous information.

We at Affecto are helping to build the bridge between public organizations, government and the people they have been designed to serve. We create platforms for the citizens to come together in masses, collaborating for a better future. Crowdsourcing and the power of involving people is changing our communities. We help the public sector in creating platforms for harnessing this force.

Our solutions impact the everyday life, utilizing information and technology as building blocks of effortless citizen services. We create solutions and services that are simple to use and there is no need for the individual to thoroughly understand the complex systems and laws that sit behind them. For example, we built the widely praised Estonian Health Record System, where every citizen has their health information seamlessly available everywhere. Also, our solution for ambulance doctors synchronizes time-critical data online regarding patients’ history when every second on the road counts. We are also the market leader in hospital pharmaceutical logistics in Finland and our robotics solutions are taking the digitalization of hospitals to the next level.

Within the Public-to-Citizen industry group we serve eg. the following industries: Government, Municipalities, Public Health.