In Affecto InnoLab you present us with a challenge or problem. We assign a small team of dedicated specialists. Together we co-innovate. The goal is to take your business to the next level. Maximize customer value through new data insights.

Use Affecto InnoLab to jump start innovation and digitalization solutions in your company

  • 1st session free up to 4 hours
  • Gain new insights on your data
  • Identify data gaps and solutions
  • Obtain operational transparency with IoT
  • Find new value through Big Data
  • Explore new business models

Why Affecto?

Leverage a partner that brings you:

  • 1000 strong consultants with local offices across Northern Europe delivering solutions globally
  • Value Architects specializing in creating new customer value across industrial, retail, financial, insurance, health care and public industries
  • Expertise in Big Data/IoT education, workshops, capabilities assessments, business model development and solutions
  • Innovative mindset for today’s problems
  • 15+ years experience in Enterprise Information Management


Book your lab time

If you like more information, please call us at your convenience +45 39 25 00 00