The era of total digitalization brings a raft of benefits for companies operating within traditional industrial sectors

Transformational changes are sweeping the industrial landscape, and the organizations that can be agile and bold enough to grasp these business opportunities stand to be the biggest winners.

Industrial businesses keep discovering new techniques to reach and serve their end-customers in meaningful ways. Equipment and facilities provide increasing amounts of sensor-based intelligence, which helps companies to deliver the right services for whole equipment life cycle, and to better understand their customers and the actual created value. At the same time they develop their overall efficiency, as well as environmental and social sustainability. Affecto guides clients through the maze by mastering data, instrumentation, automation, data science and collaboration.

For energy & utilities companies the environment is becoming more versatile and complex. Through fact based precise and up-to-date insights we can bring complete transparency, which aids the performance and profitability to the next level. As an example, our scalable cloud computing based Battery big data platform enables the companies to analyze their customers’ usage patterns for optimizing operations and purchases more accurately and faster than ever before.

Our expertise ranges from providing an end-to-end solution for running assembly logistics to replacing physical sensors in machinery by soft sensors. This is based on IT system knowledge as well as the application of advanced algorithms and automation. The ability to add new functionality or automate operations for existing equipment and facilities without physical access can lower production costs significantly – and furthermore help to gain new customers.

Within the Industrial & Energy industry group we serve eg. the following industries: Manufacturing, Utilities, Process Industry, Assembly, Construction, Chemical & Pharma and Natural Resources.