The financial services industry is facing a challenge with new business models and new players entering the market. The changing ecosystem is accelerating the rapid digital transformation of the industry.

Financial services companies are looking to compete with customer experience and deliver more value to their customers. A key challenge is to integrate data to understand customer journeys and behavior to deliver more personalized value proposition and communication for end customers. Players must also master the transition towards a culture where digital is promoted throughout the organization. For example, Affecto is helping a Swedish bank by combining knowledge of customers, behavioral patterns and products to optimize profitability and customer experience.

In parallel with the consumerization trend, regulatory & compliance pressure is having a major impact on profitability, business operations, and new business time-to-market. Companies anticipating and managing ongoing regulatory changes will be better positioned to grow profitably, more flexibly, and with less risks. As an example, our compliance-as-a-service model is currently assisting a leading Swedish bank in ensuring flexible compliance and effective management of risks.

With a steady stream of serious data breaches affecting the industry, financial services companies need to be persistent about protecting their data. Cyber security is increasingly at the top of everyone’s mind, which means an increased focus on technology and safeguarding the information. In this area, we are helping Santander protect sensitive consumer information with a dynamic data masking solution. A leading Finnish bank relies on our expertise in enterprise architecture to ensure data integrity and quality.

The ability to deliver on transformation ambitions requires re-platforming and moving away from legacy systems. In the meantime, (soft) robotic process automation utilizing machine learning, can help to increase efficiency and improve customer service. Affecto has a strong expertise in both legacy system decommissioning as well as the use of artificial intelligence and algorithms to add intelligence and automate central processes. Mutual & Federal, one of the oldest insurance companies in South Africa, has improved time-to-market, simplified and unified its business processes and reduced maintenance costs with TIA platform implemented by Affecto.

Within the Financial Services industry group we serve e.g. the following industries: Banking, Insurance and Pension funds.


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