IoT is opening up a new kind of revolution. We help companies act on the possibilities.

Our physical environment is generating vast amounts of data. We are collecting, storing and analyzing data from sensors connected to manufacturing machinery, buildings, retail spaces, cities, homes, and the products we use every day. Based on this we can automate actions, predict conditions before they occur, and prevent failures.

The insights that we gather from this big data help us lead our customers into a new way of thinking. Actionable, real-time insights allow our customers to act faster than the competition. Continuous contextual awareness enables superior customer experiences, triggering events to anticipate and respond to the needs of the user before they are even aware of them.

We offer to our customers a unique combination of skillsets in sensor technologies, algorithms, advanced analyticscloud computing, machine learning, custom development and virtual reality technologies. With our 60-day “from hypothesis to proven outcome” approach you can validate your business idea against all of the data generated by your physical and digital environment without investing anything on technology.


We will model your future.

Human capacity is no longer able to cope with ever growing size of data. Statistical methods and neural networks are used for processing the data that becomes available.

Location Solutions untapped business opportunity

Everything takes place somewhere. No matter what your industry is, location information can play a big role as part of your business processes or in the creation of new services.

Sensors and IoT

Networked physical objects at your service

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects, devices and machines that contain embedded technology in order to communicate about their internal state, or about the external world.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Hack the reality with us.

Virtual and augmented reality are enabling transform of the business to a totally different level.

Sensing Retail

Briding the physical and digital

Sensor technologies offer retailers new ways to gain valuable insights about consumers.

Mobile Development

The smartphone is now the primary screen

Whatever sector your business operates in, the smartphone can be the entrance into services and products for millions of customers.