Building the next generation of user experience driven digital services

The consumer of today is more connected than ever, with more access to and deeper engagement with content and brands, thanks to the ubiquity of digital devices and platforms. Social media use is a daily if not hourly norm, and people search for product information and compare prices while shopping in the physical space.

When interacting with companies and content online, people expect to find the right information and to complete the desired task or transaction quickly and easily. Companies providing the services wish to utilize data, analytics and algorithms to nudge the user towards the optimal outcomes: becoming a customer, adding another product to the shopping cart, engaging with customer service in an effective manner.

Providing and exceptional customer experience from the moment when the person starts considering becoming a customer, all the way until the end of life of the product or service, requires a holistic view into the customer. Companies need to invest in gathering and analyzing customer data across all the touchpoints in the customer journey, and in capabilities to deliver the right message at the right time to serve and engage the customer.

Gathering and analyzing data provides insights on customers and their actions. What data often fails to communicate are the experiences and frustrations of the customers. A story can do that, and one of the best storytelling tools in business is the customer journey map. Our service designers and value architects employ user research and design methods to gain empathy and define exceptional customer experiences.

We have strong expertise in technology, analytics and design, and with this combination we help our customers serve their users and customers online and offline, to create unmatched customer experiences and drive profitable business.

Service Design

Information, Design and Analytics

We help create delightful, lovable services with the combination of design thinking, A/B-testing and analytics.

Mobile Development

The smartphone is now the primary screen

Whatever sector your business operates in, the smartphone can be the entrance into services and products for millions of customers.

Customer Experience

Competing on experience

Regardless of industry, experience is the only true differentiator.


We will model your future.

Human capacity is no longer able to cope with ever growing size of data. Statistical methods and neural networks are used for processing the data that becomes available.

Location Solutions untapped business opportunity

Everything takes place somewhere. No matter what your industry is, location information can play a big role as part of your business processes or in the creation of new services.

Sensing Retail

Briding the physical and digital

Sensor technologies offer retailers new ways to gain valuable insights about consumers.