Personalization and relevancy for physical and digital touchpoints

People are more digitally connected than ever before. We expect products and services to serve us on an individual level, respond to our unique needs and to speak our language. We want them to help us live and work better. When engaging with companies, we may start the interaction on our smartphone, and finish it later in a physical store where we expect the salesperson to already know what we are interested in.

Capability to leverage all information is the must-have foundation for winning in the digitally enabled consumer business. What if you had all your consumer transactions available for you in real time, at all times? Or all your product transactions? Having a complete Consumer 360° view into each and every customer in one place is an ongoing challenge for the majority of companies. This is where we come in.

For example, we helped NorgesGruppen with analytical customer relationship management to become Norway’s leading retailer. Sweden’s favourite hamburger chain now operates in an agile and completely transparent way providing full visibility of business operations across their entire grid of restaurants. A major Finnish broadcast and online media company has real-time visibility into how consumers react to their content with our social media analytics and visualization platform.

Within the B2C industry group we serve eg. the following industries: Retail, Consumer Goods, Travel and Transportation, Media, and Telecoms.