Business intelligence & data warehouse

For data to become information that truly creates value, it must be understood and acted on.

Most traditional business intelligence and data warehouse implementations fail to attract new user groups or to increase usage after reaching their initial targets. Frustration with the old ways has opened up a market for a host of user friendly self-service tools that improve on the situation, but they still cannot solve the underlying problems of getting access to data faster, ensuring consistent data quality, or reaching more users.

When it comes to analysing data, a growing number of managers, analysts and marketers are bypassing traditional organizational siloes and hierarchies. They are devising new campaigns and touchpoints that depend on their ability to access and analyze the information they want, when they want it. This is enabled by new user friendly solutions, and we think it’s a valuable step forward in how businesses ensure they continue to innovate, and inspire their staff to greater achievements.

The self-service movement also puts strain on existing infrastructure and can increase frustration inside an organization. In fact, response times for advanced queries and reports may be slow enough to eventually disempower and disillusion users and employees. And your lead times for adding new data sources capable of coping with the added demand can run into weeks and months.

Affecto believes in the power of unlocking analytics, in all areas of our work and our partners’ businesses. Working with organizations that demand accuracy, efficiency and real-time actionability in all areas of their data cycle, we specialise in turning data into genuine insight, and a collaborative tool for the entire organization by making the data visual and transparent. We help all users apply statistics, visualize data, and collaborate around the insights in order to run the business better.

Collaborative business intelligence provides managers and leaders a great opportunity to quickly find the information they need to make decisions. Insights are needed on what is happening right now, instead of receiving a report via e-mail on something that happened weeks or months ago. The digitization of processes makes the work easier for both managers and employees, since reporting work is minimized.

We have been working on collaboration, business intelligence and data warehousing for more than 15 years. During this time, we have built long-term partnerships with customers and global technology developers alike. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you unlock the true potential of all your information!