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Course Objectives:After completing this course, you should be able to:

Configure Metadata Manager security

  • Create users who can login to Metadata Manager
  • Control what privileges each user has
  • Control which parts of the metadata catalog each user can access
  • Explain the different privileges & permissions available in Metadata Manager

Browse the metadata catalog

  • Search for objects in the metadata catalog
  • Save searches for future use
  • Create shortcuts for faster access to frequently queried metadata objects
  • Share shortcuts & saved searched with other users
  • Examine the properties of metadata objects
  • Examine the relationships among metadata objects
  • Annotate metadata objects

Run lineage reports

  • Drill down on objects in lineage reports
  • Zoom & pan a lineage report
  • Highlight specific objects & paths in a lineage report
  • Generate a new lineage report focused on an object in an existing lineage report
  • Run where-used reports

Customize your metadata

  • Extend an existing metamodel
  • Create a new metamodel
  • Populate a custom metamodel or metamodel extension with metadata

Load metadata from different types of sources

  • Schedule metadata loads
  • Monitor metadata loads
  • Load data profiles
  • Display data profile reports
  • Resolve database connections for lineage

Understand and utilize the Business Glossary

  • A common tool for defining and maintaining business and technical terms.
  • A cooperative tool where the Business Owner, Data Steward, Analyst and Developer can share and maintain terms.
  • Connect the business terms with the actual implementation and see its use throughout the value chain from source system through integration to final report.
  • How to connect Metadata Manager to reference tables and how to maintain these with the Reference Table Manager.


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