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This four-day, instructor-led course introduces students to Informatica Developer through lecture and hands-on exercises. The course is designed for Data Qulaity Developers who are new to Informatica Developer.

Informaitca Developer is a thick client workbench tool that developers can use to profile, cleanse, and standardize, de duplicate and consolidate data in an enterprise.

The course will introduce attendees to working with the Developer Tool, performing tasks such as creating projects and objects, profiling data and identifying anomalies. They will develop cleansing and standardization routines. They can learn how to validate addresses using postal reference data. It will cover how to use different matching methods to identify duplicate records in a dataset and how to automatically and manually consolidate these duplicate records to create a master survivor record.

Target audience

New users of Informatica PowerCenter 9, including Business and Data Developers


Windows GUI. A theoretical understanding of process development and design


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Be able to navigate through the Developer Tool
  • Use Project Collaboration techniques such as shared Tags, Comments, Profiles, reference tables to share information with Analysts across projects
  • Use a variety of profiling methods to profile data
  • Use anlyst built profiles to develop mappings
  • Build mappings and mapplets to cleanse and standardize data
  • Perform Address Validation
  • Identify duplicate records in a dataset
  • Automatically and manually consolidate duplicate records to create a master record
  • Execute mappings/mapplets in PowerCenter
  • Use Data Quality Mappings in an Excel Spreadsheet practice


  1. An overview of Informatica Developer 9
  2. Analyst Collaboration
  3. Developer Profiling
  4. Data Standardization
  5. Address Validation
  6. Matching
  7. Identity Matching
  8. Automatic Consolidation
  9. Manual Consolidation Using the Data Quality Assistant
  10. PowerCenter Integration
  11. Object Import/Export
  12. DQ for Excel
  13. Parameters
  14. Content
  15. Project


Date and time

On demand




Kr. 22.000