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The Internet of Things (IoT) is over us, which provides unprecedented opportunities in global business. Nevertheless, many corporations are still in the pilot phase of IoT development. That puts them at risk of being left behind by competitors that are faster to take advantage of digitalization and IoT.

This course provides templates that helps you build your business around IoT in terms of developing new business models and provide you with knowledge of what to include in the IoT platform and how to build it. You will be able to strengthen your visionary digitalization journey and break it down in strategic steps in order to embark or make progress in your current IoT development.

Target audience

The course is for professionals who wants a deeper understanding of how to build business around IoT, and further obtain a greater knowledge of how to implement it in your business.


Working with, or about to start working with digitalization projects involving IoT.


Day 1 How to make business from IoT and how to build it

Overall picture

Development of IoT – where is IoT today and what is to come.

Challenges and opportunities with IoT. Frameworks and methods are introduced, which will be worked with during the course, in order to engage an IoT-strategy and implementation.

Developing new and innovative business models

Identify what to take into consideration when developing new business models for IoT products or services.

IoT infrastructure

Deepen your understanding of IoT architecture including the product, product cloud and connectivity.

Explore IoT concepts, such as data storing, application development, predictive analytics and security.


Day 2 How to develop, manage, and implement IoT projects

Work with frameworks and templates that will enhance your own IoT project(s). 



Date and time

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