Master data management

The information you gather about your customers, products and your entire value chain, is among your organization’s most valuable assets. However, to really get value out of this information, it must be of good quality and managed effectively.

To be able to interact meaningfully with your customers – or even the general public, as the public sector is digitizing and enabling self service – you need to have control over accurate, up-to-date and rich details of your customers, products and other key master data, across all your systems and touch points.

For utilities and manufacturing companies, having all the data about the entire value chain in one place, enables new business potential. Having one common view to the crucial facts for all the stakeholders makes it possible to price the service based on true utilization, or true output.

Affecto has deep experience in helping organizations create the processes and technical solutions to manage and integrate their most valuable master data. Our clients within retail, banking, insurance, industry, logistics, professional and technical services, healthcare and public sector, have all benefitted from a clear and focused, measurable approach to master data management.

These solutions have helped to create better experiences and more targeted offerings for their customers, all the while reducing the cost of managing data. Our work has also actively reduced costs from errors due to data quality issues, and has consistently enabled better analytics overall.