Cases and Documents

Affecto offers clients a one-stop shop for quality documentation assurance and a suite of services to complement it. We have around 100 expert staff working across specialist teams to help your business collaborate and co-author in the most efficient ways possible.

Modern ways of collaboration on files and documents across organizations are rapidly changing, as teams adapt to handling documents and information on multiple mobile devices. They expect to share files and data seamlessly, despite the fact that many businesses are hindered by legacy systems that have not kept pace with the recent changes in information management.

Typically this can lead to mission-critical problems with version control, compliance, security — and your people being frustrated as they try to get their core jobs done.

Building a new solution for more agile and effective document management with Affecto can take away some of this pain, and ensure better ways of working. Migration and integration projects can be planned and executed smoothly by our specialists, who are adept at working with both public sector organizations, and corporations from medium to large in their size and reach.

Affecto is always agnostic about technology, working closely with multiple different solutions and partners including Microsoft SharePoint, IBM, OpenText, Alfresco and Saperion. Our solutions enjoy full ISO 9001 certification, whether we’re working in contract management, case management, or long term document management.