Big Data and Cloud

Big data is not a technology, or a solution itself. But, in the hands of the right people, with the right tools, it can be used solve anything or everything. Big data is all the information that surrounds us. All information about you, your things, your interactions, transactions, and surroundings. The full data set of everything.

Data is an enabler. Alone, it creates no value. But when analyzed and explored, used for planning and predicting or combined with analytics, it is a source of possibilities and insights.

Traditionally, storing data has been seen as a cost issue. However, the price of cloud computing has gone down by 97% in the past 5 years. Today you can prove a business hypothesis against all of your data with rented capacity for only a fragment of the cost – with a rapid pace and a proven outcome. The larger the data set, the more reliable the outcome of the analysis.

With Affecto’s 60-day “from hypothesis to proven outcome” approach you can validate your business idea against all of your data without investing anything on technology. We work with established cloud partners like Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, Amazon AWS, Nordcloud, Herman IT and Elisa.


Let us prove the value of your data.