Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics is a grouping of techniques for predicting future outcomes. Predictive analytics, simulation and optimization create insights which can be turned into new business opportunities. Example of application areas are: predicting consumer needs, identifying a patient’s health problems before they occur, anticipating failure in manufacturing equipment, and detecting anomalies to mitigate risk of fraud in the financial services industry.

Affecto has long championed the use of analytical and predictive capabilities in planning and forecasting. We’ve consistently worked with companies to bring continuous planning cycles into the heart of how they do business. We are an integral part of the planning process at many large corporations, helping them utilize the traditional leading technologies in this field. Now we are also leading the way with even more user-friendly and efficient solutions. These can be delivered either on site or in the cloud, to simplify and bring even more value to the customer faster.

Our teams have helped management to actively involve key personnel in planning demand and drivers to improve the ability to manage the business, identify and act on opportunities and challenges, and increase business understanding with the people involved in the process.