Building strong industry relationships for the benefit of our clients.

Working with some of the world’s leading companies and suppliers, Affecto places great value on the importance of strong, long-lasting relationships with partners. We believe these relationships create exponential value for our clients, and give them a lasting advantage in the marketplace.

The difference with Affecto is that we have nurtured a highly adaptive and integrated situation with all our partner relationships. To our clients, we can deliver not just a technical solution, but we also take full responsibility for the service as part of our ongoing delivery.

Unlike many consulting companies, we take on the management, beyond delivery, for the technology solutions we provide. And niche vendors can’t match our deep and long-standing connections with such a broad set of partners ranging from small to large.

Affecto makes it simple: one contract and one point of contact, yet access to products from across the heavyweight companies in the sector.

More recently we have focused on extending our partnership offering into our work with startups, working with young companies that are agile and innovative but traditionally often lack the reach and scale to build the most advantageous relationships across the industry. Affecto is actively helping to launch them into the bigger picture.

When you work with Affecto, you’ll benefit from our attention to detail in actively delivering support for our technologies. We never simply sell a license or a product: our philosophy is to ensure clients always gain an advantage from the relationships we have built up.

Partner contacts

Håvard Ellefsen

If you wish to learn more about Affecto’s partners, please contact Håvard Ellefsen, Managing Director, Scandinavia & Partners.