Disclosure Principles

These general disclosure principles have been adopted by the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Affecto Plc (“Affecto” or the “Company”).

1 – General Obligations

According to applicable regulation, a company must as soon as possible announce any unpublished information of a precise nature related to the Company or its listed financial instruments which would be likely to have a significant effect on the price of those financial instruments or related derivatives.

2 – Objectives and Principles

The objective of the communications of Affecto is to provide the market with correct, consistent, relevant and reliable information on the Company to ensure that capital market participants have as transparent and clear a picture of the Company as possible on the basis of which they can reasonably assess the value of the Company’s securities.

Stock exchange releases are published to provide information on facts, matters and circumstances that are likely to have a significant effect on the price of the Company’s financial instruments.

Publication of information shall take place as soon as possible when circumstances have arisen, whereby there is information of a precise nature, which has not yet been made public, relating, directly or indirectly, to Affecto or its financial instruments, and which, if it were to be made public, would be likely to have a significant effect on the prices of those financial instruments or on the price of related derivative financial instruments (i.e. inside information). The Company may decide to delay the publication of insider information, where the immediate disclosure is likely to prejudice the legitimate interests of the Company and certain other conditions are met.

In its communication with capital market participants, the Company adheres to the principle of equal and simultaneous access to information and publishes its financial reports and releases in compliance with the rules and guidelines of applicable regulations.

3 – Practices

Matters pertaining to the Company’s ordinary business operations which are not deemed to have a significant effect on the price of the Company’s financial instruments, but which nevertheless are intended to be made public, are generally announced by press releases and not by a formal stock exchange release.

4 – Silent Period

Affecto does not arrange or participate in any one-on-one meetings with the media, analysts or investors during the period from the end of the quarter to the date of publication of a financial report or at least 30 days prior to the publication of the financial report. One exception to the rule is the publishing of stock exchange releases regarding business events, in which case representatives from Affecto must be able to answer questions; however, in such communication, any comments about the upcoming financial report should be avoided.

5 – Insider Lists

Affecto maintains permanent and project-specific insider lists in accordance with applicable regulation.