CEO and Affecto Leadership Team

The Board of Directors appoints the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”). The CEO is responsible for the management of the Company’s operations and governance in accordance with the Articles of Association, the Finnish Companies Act, other applicable legislation and in accordance with the instructions given by the Board of Directors. The CEO’s service terms are specified in writing in his written service contract. Juko Hakala has been Affecto’s CEO since 8 September 2014. The Deputy CEO is Iikka Lindroos as of October 2016.

The Leadership Team assists the CEO in the management of the group. The members of the Affecto Leadership Team are appointed by Board of Directors, which also approves their terms of employment.


Heikki Nikku - Chief Executive Officer
Tapio Volanen - Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Charles Gill - Financial Director
Charlotte Darth - Managing Director, Sweden
Henri Engström - Managing Director, Affecto Industrial and Interim Managing Director, Finland